Friday, February 20, 2009

Lily's 4 months

So, we ventured out this morning for Lily's 4 month check-up. Got ready to go this morning, diaper bag was packed with everything we needed for Lily some Highlights Magazines I could do with Gabe while we waited, a few snacks, a bottle of water and the ipod just in case I got desperate-Gabe could play a game or listen to some music. We got to the doctor's early hoping to get out a little early since I had both Gabe & Lily with me. My game plan was going great. We got in the waiting room and Gabe played a little bit before they called us back to the first exam room where you think great things are going pretty quickly. We get Lily undressed and weighed in which I was anxiously awaiting to hear the results. A whopping 13 lbs 3 oz. and 45.5" long. So, she is not as small as I thought. So, Gabe, Lily & I file back into the exam room where we start to wait and then the nurse came back and told us that we were moving exam rooms. So, I get my naked baby and all her belongings, the diaper bag, the car seat & my 3 year old and move to another exam room. Then I buckled down to get ready to wait since last time we came it was for over an hour long. Well, this room had some toys and books in it which was good since we blasted right through our first highlights magazine. Gabe played, I waited, and Lily had the sympathy cry for everyone else that started to cry in the hall. Great! So, Gabe shockingly was very good. We did the other magazine while we all still waited...11:00 comes and goes now. Did I mention that I got to my appt. 20 mins early hoping to get out a little early and it was scheduled for 10. So, we worked on the next highlights magazine, read a book, played a little more and then 11:30 rolls around still waiting. I console Lily a little more and finally get her to take a little nap. Then Gabe decided he was getting bored sitting in the same room for so long so luckily I brought a snack so he climbed up in the chair had a snack and then helped himself to another. I didn't mind as long as he was being good since we had been their for so long. For a second while he was being so good I thought I brought the wrong kid into the doctor's office because I didn't have to raise my voice once to him while I was there so far. Maybe we should go there more often. Well, 11:45 rolls around still waiting, Lily is awake now and then finally at 11:58 the doctor decides to grace us with his presence and gives us our 8 minute check-up, our bill, a screaming child from shots and a very hungry 3 year old who is anxiously waiting to tell me yet again where he picked to go to lunch-McDonalds-yuck! At least he was good and Lily was healthy, right?