Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

I had a little pity party Saturday night because I was thinking that my family kind of forgot me when it came to Mother's Day. I didn't see Bill doing anything with Gabe to even recognize that it was Mother's Day so I started to focus on me and what I deserve. They obviously were over looking all the things that I do for them, the family. The planning, the cooking, the laundry, the dishes...etc. How could they not even think about ME for one day! After sulking, and cooking dinner and feeding the baby and cleaning up from dinner...Bill & Gabe finally left to go do "some things" and I realized how much I was focusing on me. The enemy had me so worked up over it. Why? What is the whole point of Mother's Day? I feel like each day is a gift from God & Gabe makes me things all the time, my husband does sweet things for me on a regular basis what makes this day have so many high expectations?

So...I woke up this morning to Gabe yelling about wanting to put up the flag pole...I tried to ignore his shouting but once it continued I started to giggle, the kind that just keep going and I couldn't stop. He just blew Daddy's big secret & he was just so innocent about it. I quietly asked what flag pole? He said the one we bought for needless to say I got a flag & a flag pole for my front porch. It might be a silly gift to some but I love it! I was also given some beautiful handmade gifts. Since Saturday night I just keep thinking about what Mother's Day is really about...I am not sure if I have come up with a conclusion yet other than it is a day to show mom how much we care like every ad wants to put it.

I am so honored to even have the opportunity of motherhood and I don't want to over look that. So many women don't even get that chance & I am so quick to take it for granted. I am blessed to have two wonderful kids and an amazing husband who I just love so much. I feel like I am such a rich woman. After all my selfishness I had a great Mother's Day & I am a blessed Mother!