Thursday, September 15, 2011

No Longer Here

Okay so I have some exciting news!  I am getting a NEW blog design done as we speak & I have decided to merge my 2 blogs together!  As my business is growing it is hard to maintain & keep up with both of them so I figured why not just merge them together!  So, please come follow me over at Papercutz where ALL of my posts will be!  Once everything is up & running I will be deleting this account!  Sure hope you come & visit my new page soon!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Sweet Life

Ahhh the kids are in bed, the house is cleaned, and my husband is not home!  It amazes me how when he leaves & I know I am on my own for the night how my laziness turns off & I jump into this crazy mommy mode!  I mean all of a sudden the door shuts & I am cleaning the house, doing laundry, bathing kids, getting snacks, reading bible stories, threatening them one more time if they don't go to bed I am turning off the light!  Maybe it's like a challenge.  How much I can get done before he gets home.  I was home all day today,while Lily was at school & I didn't have that same motivation, weird!

My favorite part of tonight-besides going to bed with a clean house-and getting to read the bible story before bed (usually daddy's job)-was that I leave Gabe notes in his lunch box every day.  I actually printed off these fun cards that I can just cut & toss in his lunch.  Tonight while doing laundry I found it inside his shorts pocket...along with his napkin  :-)  It just touched my heart.  To think that he saved my little love note & carried it with him in his pocket for the rest of the day.  It made me smile...maybe even a little tear to my eye.  So what if he's a slight hoarder & wanted to add it to one of his many collections.  I will dwell in the fact that he didn't just dump it in the trash when cleaning up from lunch.  He took the time to fold up his napkin & put his note in his pocket.  Precious!

I am so glad that I send him little notes in his lunch every day.  I know one day sooner than I am hoping he will out grow it & won't want momma to send him notes anymore in his lunch.  Tonight my heart rejoices-I am blessed beyond measure!

Friday, September 9, 2011

What I whipped up....

I FINALLY finished this little 3-tiered display to hold all of my lovely punches that I use all the time!  Instead of them all being piled into a bucket on my work table I came across this original idea on Pintrest.

I did score some of those lovely old baking pans at an estate sale recently but could only find the bottom two.  So, I waited a few weeks, visited the antique mall and still nothing!  I got impatient and decided to do this...

I added a pail I already had and I actually LOVE it!  I can put all the small punches in it & stand them up!

Here it is all filled up!

I already had the candle sticks-the clear glass ones-I primed & painted them-used E6000 to attach them to my pans & voila!  How fun, right?  I can also take it to my shows & use it as a display piece too!  

Join  us Saturdays at for the weekend wrap 
 up           party!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dreaming of A Reading Area....

So, Gabe has to read every night for school and gets bonus credit for reading over the weekend.  I have come across several reading tents and I love them.  I have wanted to create a special reading area in our house for a long time.  A little retreat space where my kids can snuggle down into some soft, plush pillows and look at books.

They are all so dreamy!  I think the first one would take up less space in my house and would fit nicely in a corner.  But, we shall see what I come up with! 

Baby it's cold outside....

Yes, I said it-it's cold outside!  I got to put jeans on, a sweatshirt, and flip flops (of course because I LOVE them) to bring Gabe to school this morning.  I even blasted the heat in the van to get the chill out of the air. Gabe got to rock his new black pants, and his black sweater to school today!  (actually, he was dressed in ALL black today-got to love uniforms, lol)

(i know terrible pic-sorry)

I mean this is how fall is suppose to be, right?  Hope you enjoy your fabulous, cool morning!  I know I am!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back to School Dinner

I was too anxious to post first day of school pictures that I never posted our back to school dinner pictures.   Let me just say I was SO excited to have a back to school family dinner.  We talked about expectations, new responsibilities, schedule, breakfast and lunch ideas, hear about Gabe's excitement, fears about the upcoming year.  Such a good idea.  Here's what we did....

I decorated our table with school supplies that I already had on hand.

Used library card pockets to hold our utensils and napkins...

My sweet 1st grader!
 My little display in my FABULOUS tray that has SO many possabilities...

I even printed off a free banner on-line and hung it up...
Our menu was Gabe's pick which was ultimate nachos!  Fun night, can't wait to do it again next year!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

God's Masterpiece

In my small group I have been leading we are going through Ephesians.  Today we landed on Ephesians 2:10, For we are God's masterpiece, as one of our scriptures and it's something I think many people struggle with.  The thought of being a masterpiece of the most high God-me?  Have you seen my post baby body?  Have you seen what is hidden in my heart of hearts?  The answer is YES!  He has created us in his image like it says in Gen. 1:27.  Like this little clip says, God doesn't make junk.  I shared it with my group today and it has a good message and a great reminder.  I hope you check it out!

Lily's First Week of MDO

As school kicked off last week Lily was VERY disappointed that she wasn't going to be able to go to school.  I have tried to get her into MDO last year but the one we wanted filled up so quick and she never got in.  I just decided to keep her home-which I loved-most days.  :-)  I tried that same school again and still no luck-boo.  So, last Monday I started to call around and finally was successful with Cornerstone!  So, she started last Wednesday!  One of the things she needed was a napmat.  Well, I wasn't going to send her with a cold, plastic nap mat.  So, I went that night & bought all the supplies to create her a cover for it.  Let me just say it is SUPER fabulous!  I followed this tutorial and whipped this up for her.

I mean I want to lay down and nap on it.  I LOVE that it rolls up!  Lily calls this her knock knock-translated into nap mat, lol.  

Here's a little snap shot of what it is like to get a decent picture of Lily.

Well, there she is all dressed in her new Hello Kitty shirt, pig tails, backpack (a.k.a. pack pack), and dora sneakers!  She is READY for her first day of school-maybe a little too ready.

She went right in, put her stuff away, and waved bye Mom, bye Gea, climbed up in her chair and started coloring.
She was so confident, so independent, so secure, she was fine, she did fine, she did great.  Well, except she didn't take a nap.  She laid down but never fell asleep.  :-)

I cried all the way to Sam's club thinking how big my sweet baby girl already is.  It hurt that she didn't need me, she knew she was going to be fine.  Gabe would drag it out, hang on me, need one more hug, one more kiss, a little more reassurance...but not Lily.  It was a bittersweet kind of day.  I was so proud of her, and how brave she was carrying all her own things in, walking into her room, saying hi, and going right over to her table to color.  So bitter-sweet!  We survived our first day at MDO!  I am glad she only goes 2 days a week.  :-)