Thursday, October 2, 2008

Impatiently Waiting

I am completely willing to wait this whole thing out but I totally wish I could plan just a little. I often think that contractions are from the devil...not because they hurt because mine don't really hurt...well at least they weren't too bad with Gabe. Granted I got drugged after 6 cm. But I hate the fact that they are sporatic and that they start & I just want to mess with your emotions and your brain! I started having some contractions yesterday randomly throughout the day and then last night they were a little more consistent. I went to bed early because of this head cold that picked the worst time to come...and about an hour after I went to bed they finally stopped. I was feeling anxious because maybe this was going to be it...maybe she was going to come last night...but nope! Then today I barely had any at all. It is exhausting monitoring every single movement & incling of tightning in hopes that this will be it. Part of me is glad that she has not come yet because the doctor said she was going to be little. But..I don't want to have her over the weekend because I will get whoever is on call & chances are it won't be my wonderful doctor. He only delivers week days. I go back to the doctor's next Tuesday for a check-up if I am still with child :-) He told me we could pick a day to induce if I would like to. I just don't know if I want to do that or not. I kind of feel like God has this under control & he doesn't need me to micromanage his plan...even though I would like to get this over with! I guess she will come when she is ready & hopefully if not by Tuesday then I will know if I am ready to pick a date to be induced or not.

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