Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Creations

Well, since I am through with the nesting phase of pregnancy I needed to do something to keep me busy until Lily decides to grace us with her presence. When I was in NY my sister-in-law introduced me to the Hooter Hider-which I thought was so neat but a complete & total rip off for 35.00 plus shipping so I decided to make my own. I have to say I think it came out pretty darn fabulous & I spent just a few bucks to make it. It was def. worth my time.

When I went to the Peddler Show a few weekends ago I was on the search for one of those diaper/wipe fabric bags. Once again you can buy them on-line but they are over priced for what they are. So, I found some different patterns on-line & came up with my own game plan & made one. They are really simple and took about an hour or two to make. Now I have this nice little pouch to just grab out of Lily's bag for diaper changes with no need to drag the whole bag to the bathroom. I think I might make a "daddy" one for Bill to keep in his truck. That way he has his own to use & it's not all pink and stuff. It's a man's one! :-)


swamerican said...

so I signed up for an account and everything and it still won't let me see your pics. It keeps asking me for a password and it doesn't want mine.

Yuhasz Family said...

yeah, I was having some problems with it this morning so I need to figure it out-maybe this afternoon.