Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Fun

So, I just realized that I never blogged about some of our wonderful events in March!!! We have had an event full month! Bill has been very busy with work which is a huge blessing. So many people are being let go from their jobs, business are closing but Bill's business is booming-we can only praise Jesus for that! He has two wonderful employees who are very hard working and Bill has had the opportunity to pour into their lives which is another blessing.

Lily turned 5 months old, cut 2 teeth, and is a typical girl...high maintenance!

St. Patrick's Day was a big hit. I was working at the church that week so I tossed our corned beef into the crock pot and then cooked all my veggies when I got home. We decided to invite some friends over to enjoy our dinner. They had never experienced the fabulousness of corned beef & cabbage before so I was excited for them. I was hoping that it all came out alright and it sure did. We had a great night of conversation around the table along with yummy food & kids playing in the background. It couldn't get too much better!

Mrs. Shawna & Lily

Lacy & I got to hang out one night for a little girls night. We went & got pedicures! It was so nice!

We decided to leave the guys with all the kids! They did a fantastic job with all of them!

Then when we got home our toes were pretty and then we took some pictures of the girl before it was time for bed! It was a great night. Autumn & Lily are so cute together.

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