Monday, May 17, 2010

Season of Change

So the past few weeks I feel like I have been stuck in the middle of a cyclone. We have had so much change going on that I finally feel like I can gasp for air. It started out with just the business of life, and any free time we spent working at my parents house, and just the added things to any normal schedule. Well, then before we knew it we were moving my parents out and into their own house. Then my FIL came to visit. He is back home (to NY) now. It's the last week of school. Everything around me is coming to an end...MOMS group, Preschool, T-Ball. I feel like we are going through a huge season of change. My kids are adjusting to my parents not being here 24/7 and then having Papa come and go. Life is just busy! Nanny hasn't been around much because she was watching someone's kids for the past 2 weeks and I know Gabe misses seeing her but she is quite consumed with her house right now. We are exhausted from the roller coaster ride of our house being on the market. The hills of hope and anticipation followed by disappointment ride needs to end! We are ready for change in that area.

We are also ready for a spiritual change and digging deeper into the word. We are both at similar places right now spiritually...we just need a change! This summer we are going to do just that. Dig into the word. Gabe & I are memorizing scripture together over the summer break....which I am super excited about. I am also going to work with Gabe on how to read. I am trying to get all that organized and will post what I am doing soon.

On a good note Gabe got into the magnet school. Just not the one we were hoping for. The last of our 3 choices in fact. But we prayed about it and applied to all 3 and asked the Lord to put him into the best one for him and we feel like that is what He did. So we will trust in Him that He has a plan and purpose and that He really does have our best interest in mind.

I look forward to what the summer will bring through the many seasons of change we have to still journey through.

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