Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Canning Experience

I wanted to plant a garden so I could not only enjoy fresh produce from our own garden but also to be able to can & freeze some of it.  As I am sure most of you know we have our first garden this year over at my parents house.  It has been so much fun learning about how to grow things, the space they need, what they look like as they transition from a seed to a big flower bearing plant into fresh, yummy produce!  It just amazes me that such beautiful & wonderful things come from such a tiny and small seed.  Our God is so amazing!  I just stand in awe of the creativity!  I feel so special that I know Him!

Sorry about the trail, but it's so true!  This morning started like most except for Lily not going to school because she was sick...I think just allergies.  She's up & kickin' tonight though.  My mom surprised me and said she was at Walmart picking up the stuff to make pickles.  Seriously?  I was pumped!  Everything else I had planned for the day could be put on hold.  I was so excited to try and can something!  It brought back memories from when my grandma used to make her homemade pickles.  It kind of made me feel domesticated as I then whipped up some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies, dinner followed by some homemade banana bread.  Watch out Betty Crocker!  Ohhh wait my bread is done!  The timer just went off!  It looks wonderful!  I can't wait to dig into it in the morning!  My kitchen is filled with that yummy, warm, sweet, banana smell!  Yummmm.....

Back to canning....I totally enjoyed the time spent with my mom as we talked about her childhood experiences canning with her mother.  Not always good memories seeing that they peeled tomatoes until their hands bled practically.  But they always had food and it always lasted them through the winter.  My grandma, Nana was definitely a hard worker.  I made 6 jars of pickles today and I thought that was an accomplishment.  :-)  My Nana would can just about everything!  Her pickles were hands down the best ever!  Maybe one day mine will be like hers. 

Here are some pictures of my first canning experience along with the recipe we used.

Here is the recipe that we used.  We didn't have all the fresh dill it called for so we used what we had along with 1/4 tsp of pickling spice, and a sprinkle of dill weed just to be sure they are dilly!  I'll let you know in 8 weeks how they are!  The process was successful, let's just hope the product is too!

Here are a fe good canning websites too!  Home Canning and Ball

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Marina said...

I am sooo impressed! After reading the recipe, it sounds doable...maybe I'll try my hand at it!