Thursday, August 26, 2010

A glimpse of hope

Today was like all the others very sad when I dropped him off.  His teacher asked him if he wanted something to eat, he said no, and she told him where to sit.   So, he as usual sat at the very end away from everyone else with his hood up on his jacket because it was cold out this morning.  So, I walked down and ushered him to the seat where his teacher referred to and pulled his hood off.  Well, he put it back up so I leaned in and told him to put it down and I pulled it back down.  Well, he pulled it back up...frustrated I kissed him, said bye and left.

When I picked him up today he still didn't do anything all day except color, eat, recess, and go to the gym.  I was like wow Gabe y'all colored for a long time!  No writing, music, games...etc.  I do wonder what they do all day.  I obviously know they do more than color, haha!  Gabe's a boy of few words unless it has to do with Mario.  Overall he said he had a good day.  He likes his teacher.  They didn't get into trouble.

When I got home I opened his backpack to find a note from his teacher, a picture he colored, and some other information.  Finally, something!  I am very glad tomorrow is Friday & we will have a couple days to relax before we do it all over again.  I am one emotionally drained momma!

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John and Michelle said...

It will get better. It just takes time. At the end of the day I always ask my students to share one exciting thing that they did today. Maybe you could try that with Gabe. Sometimes when they only have to focus on one thing it's easier to think of rather than the entire day. Soon he will be racing in the building excited to meet his friends. :)