Monday, September 27, 2010

Life's Ups and Downs

I have had so many things I 've wanted to post in the past 2 weeks but a.) have not had a moment to do so and b.) we fried our, 8 month old mac book with a bowl of soup!  Last week was an emotional, crazy week!  We had great friends leave for Colorado over the weekend.  They were some of Gabe's best guy friends.  It was such a bitter-sweet time.  We will miss them so much!

We had our second Moms meeting which was just what I needed.  A fun, game time to act crazy doing Minute to Win it games!  Although it added some stress & worry to my life...okay and a little frustration I realized one weak I am when I am in need.  I believe with ALL my heart that God will PROVIDE and He is FAITHFUL in EVERYTHING.  But often times I assume He knows my struggles which He does but He is waiting for me to vocalize them to Him.  So, I am working on my prayer life.

"God is deeply concerned when his children are burdened by anxiety, in much the way parents are concerned about their children.  It is tragic that we often worry ourselves to death when God's supernatural peace is only a prayer away."-Cymbala

We had to make a decision to not go back to NY at Thanksgiving which was EXTREMELY hard for us.  We had already told Gabe that we were going and let's be honest I can't wait to squeeze little Hailey and Ella!  I miss them dearly.  Gabe only gets 3 days off from school so we were going to pull him for the other 2 and by the time we paid for all that we needed to pay for it just didn't balance out.  I felt like we would of been unwise with the money God has given us...we could use it better if we just wait.  Which is just so hard to do sometimes!   I know God has a plan in all this.  Sometimes it just stinks!

One of Bill's close neighbors died last week.  He has been ill his whole life and so it was a bitter-sweet moment.  We really wanted to be able to be there with family & friends to share our condolences.

Olson, Robert J. ROTTERDAM Robert "Rob" J. Olson, 50, of Rotterdam, died Tuesday afternoon, September 21, 2010 after a long illness. Born in Niskayuna, Rob was the son of Harold and Barbara (Mooney) Olson of Rotterdam. A 1977 graduate of Linton High School, Rob was member of Cobble-stone Reformed Church, attended the Cloverpatch Camp in Glenville, was an avid Boston Red Sox Fan and season ticket holder of the Tri City Valley Cats. He loved drawing and traveling, Rob was known as the Mayor of Groveland (Schoowee) and an inspiration to all who knew him. (Alb. TU)

Friday Gabe woke up with the poops so he couldn't go to school.  That kind of put a kink in my schedule but it was alright with me!  We got to be in our jammies all day!  We had date night planned for Friday night and we were so excited for that but then we had a miscommunication with our sitters and so we had no one to babysit.  So, we called Bill's Mom and she watched the kids for us.  After a long and crazy week we were able to get out and escape to dinner & the community theater with some friends.

Then this weekend was truly a family weekend.  Movies, crafts, a messy house, pajama's, pizza, popcorn, laughter, love, memories...

and of course pumpkins!  They each had to get one at the grocery store.  These will hold them over until we go to the pumpkin patch!

Oh yeah & I forgot to mention we got a new computer...yay!  We got an imac and a new desk!  We came to the conclusion that we just might not be a laptop kind of family....not right now anyways, lol!

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