Sunday, October 10, 2010

Door Project

So a few weeks ago I posted about this great website I found and she had done a few projects with some doors she had purchased at Habitat for Humanity.  So I picked up a few the last time I was there and I haven't done much with the yet.  Well, I've started them but not finished them...seems like I am good at that lately.  Well, this past week I decided to paint our living room and take on this project one afternoon.

This is what you need to get started.  A door or piece of wood, an old frame would work even with some thin wood in place of the glass.  I also had some spray paint, wooden numbers (the year we got married), liquid nails, hammer, hanger, 2 small nails.

Then I painted my numbers with the spray paint a couple of times and let them dry completely.   While drying add the hanger to the back of your door with your nails.

Apply liquid nail to the back of your wooden numbers and press firmly onto your door.

Voila, hang up in your room.  I think it cost less than $4 to do the whole project!

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