Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break

So I have been a little MIA!  I totally had good intentions of doing a new post on Monday from Spring Break and let you know of all the boring exciting things going on with us but I have been swamped with orders from Papercutz!  I got 8 new orders last week!  I love my business but hello don't they know that it was spring break & I have kids to entertain?!?!  So, needless to say we had a fabulous but crazy spring break!  I am still working on order & trying to get ready for a show next week, and for the local farmer's market!  I am SO looking forward to summer so that some of my "yearly" duties will be done & I will have a little free time in other areas!  Well, anyways here's what we did over our fabulous Spring Break!  It truly was fabulous!  We did a LOT for being on Dave Ramsey-we were blessed a lot too!  Check out the pictures & see for yourself!

We hit up the park with my sweet friend Cheryl & her girls!  My kids saved up their money & Lily bought those bubbles-she LOVED them!

We went for a day trip to Abilene with my mom!

On St. Patrick's Day we hung out with Nanny all day doing this...

Chick-Fil-A Lunch & picnic at the park...

Followed by some shopping & then ice cream!

We had so much fun playing all week long!  We even went to the drive in's, had a play date with a friend, watched movies, played outside & just loved being together-most of the time.  ;-)  We are SO BLESSED with Gea's & Nanny's who love to spoil our kids to new clothes for summer, lunch dates & toys!

My cup runneth over...
and so does my laundry!

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