Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We kicked off our weekend with 2 parties on Saturday-a pool party & a roller skating party!  We were wiped out on Sunday so we decided to lay low.  We went to church in the morningn & then came home & built a fabulous fort in the living room that is still hanging.  We painted.  We watched movies & snuggled all afternoon & evening!

 On Monday we got to celebrate Memorial Day and what better way to teach Gabe about what that day is all about than go to the museum.  So that's is what we did!  We went to the CAF museum and explored everything they had going on.  Gabe got to learn a lot!  We even got to talk about what memorial day means.

 They even got to make their own flying planes out of a plate-how fun!

 We went swimming and then headed over to my parents house to celebrate my Dad's 25th birthday-again!  Gabe wrapped his gift in lots and lots of packing tape.

It was a great day spent with family!  Now to officially kick off our first week of summer vacation!  On today's agenda-pool party & lunch with some friends!

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