Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cannot Wait

I am going to start pulling the suitcases out today!  we are just DAYS away from being NY bound.  I am so excited to see our family that we have not seen in 3 YEARS!  3 years people!  I have a neice I have never even met & the same for my brother & his family with Lily.  I think Gabe is so excited to play Mario with Christopher & Lily just wants to go fishin' with Papa.  She don't even know what a fishin' pole is but she can't wait to do it and prays about it every night before bed!  

I am excited to see what God shows us while we are there.  We have been in Midland almost 6 years now! Our journey together has been developed more here than in NY.  Our children don't even know about NY-just what we tell them about it.  I think BIll & I are so excited to share with Gabe all the places we went to & miss.  Like the places Bill would go & play when he was a kid.  I love to think Gabe will get to experience Family Day in Mechanicville & eat ice cream at Bubbles.  Things we just thought we would naturally do when planning our future together when we got pregnant with Gabe.  God had such bigger plans for lives.  Bigger than we could even imagine ourselves.  Just goes to show you how big our God truly is.  Hello, we live in TX!  

So needless to say, it's just days away from making the big trip & then I get to hug those nieces and nephew!  We get to do the simple things with the kids-go swimming, play dress-up with their cousins, take a walk, watch movies, just enjoy the special moments in life!  I am also excited to get to see extended family-wish it was for better reasons-but still glad to be able to see them all.  I think it will be an emotional trip, but healing, refreshing, and joyful too!

Well, I just wanted to share this little video I made for Bill for Father's Day-I thought it came out super cute.  I had my bestie take soem pictures of the kids so I could get Billa mug for Father's Day but it didn't come in on time so I thought I would make this video so he could enjoy all the pictures.  We truly are blessed with him-he's the best daddy & husband a wife & mother could ever dream of.  Check it out :-)

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