Monday, June 27, 2011

Today is the day...

Well it is finally here and I still have more work to get done than I think I have time for.  I totally work better under pressure.  Plus it's my own fault that my house must be spotless before we leave to go on vacation, all the linens fresh, dishes away, no clutter left behind.  It's nice to come home to.  Well, we are just 10 hours away from hitting the open roads!  My bags are still not packed & the laundry is still not finished.  But the dogs did get a bath.  :-)  I aome across some fun tips about family road trips.  

You must read this experiecned travelers 18 Travel Tips for Planning a Road Trip!  They are exactly what I was looking for.  Some realistic expectations and advice for taking a road trip....a long one!

I also visited Moms Minivan for lots of great game ideas.

After hours of reading & research this is what I am bringing in my "keep my sane box"  a.k.a. the Fun Box!  I am not going to let them just dig in & have at it whenever they want.  My current plan (which might fly right out the window) is to award them with new activities-good behavior, winning a game, or do it now because you are driving me insane!  Here's a few snap shots of what I have inside.

 Free printables found on Papercutz - I laminated mine so we can play over & over again without all the paper.
 I picked these up at Cracker Barrell.  I can't wait to play these!
 Yes, when it gets dark what can be more fun than glow sticks??  Picked up 2 different packages for each night along with flashlights for each kid and one for the emergency box.  I also packed pipe cleaners-I see hours of fun ahead of us with those!
 Just some little activities they can do.

I also purchased some mini crayon rolls off Etsy.  I thought they would be fun & it would keep them from spilling crayons all over the place.  This book I got from Cracker Barrell also-I think it just might be a lifesaver!  It's packed with fun games & ideas!

I also packed some cards, kerplunk travel game, coloring books, puzzles, books, video games, dvd's, & baby dolls for there backpacks.  That way they have their little treasure bag they can dig into when they want to.  

Another tip we are taking up is packing some of our own food.  Lets be honest-4 days in a van eating fast food-barf!  So, today I am cutting up fresh fruit and making deli sandwiches.  I am also going to make some chicken salad to keep in the cooler, and bring some rolls to have for lunch.  At least we can get a couple days in with eating good food rather than so much fast food.

I bought both the kids lap trays from Michaels...

I think these will come in handy when eating & coloring....don't ya think???

Well, I guess I better get packing....time is ticking...and my list isn't getting any shorter!


Kristina H. said...

such cute ideas!!! safe travels :)

Marina said...

I think I had that exact travel bingo when I was kid! Have fun and be careful!