Sunday, August 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home-Past Few Weeks

Once we finally got back home to Texas-my house seemed just perfect!  It seemed so much bigger, spacious...maybe it was because it was all cleaned I don't know.  :-)  That was shorted lived-the cleanliness part!  We unloaded all of our stuff and I swear it took a few weeks days to get things unpacked!  Check out some of the fun things we did when we got home!

I learned this trick from my friend Darea & I LOVE it!  Give your juice box "wings" and the little ones can hold the "wings" while they drink so they don't squeeze the juice everywhere!  Perfect!

We ate out almost every meal (except 2) the whole time in NY!  I didn't want to see another french fry for a LOONNNGGGG time!  So, I made fish!  Yummy, yummy tilapia!  You should give it a try!

Fresh peaches & necterines with fresh squeezed lime juice & a dallop of honey greek yogurt for dessert!

I also made this fabulous pasta salad.  On a different night!  It makes a TON so fix it for a crowd!  You could even throw in a little protein like chicken and call it dinner!  

I was very anxious to get my craft on!  It had been weeks since I picked up any double stick tape and a paper trimmer.  I got to workin' on some new things for Papercutz and filling some orders for some local people.  I also made a few things for my craft room & my house.

I made this quick & easy rag wreath for my door.  Papercutz will be creating more of these but a little fancier :-)  This is the quick & easy method-your kids could even do it for you.  Gabe loved helping tear the fabric strips!  This is what you need to do.....

Pick up a wreath at the dollar tree, craft store, or even use a metal coat hanger and bend into a circle.
Purchase some fabulous fabric you love about 1/4-1/2 yard of each depending on how many patterns you have.  I did 3 patterns.
Cut your fabric into 1" strips-make 1" marks and tear it to get a frayed edge or use a cutter/scissors to have a clean edge.  I like the frayed edge better.
Get tying!  Just double knot around the wreath (this is where the kids come in) and voila!  A new wreath for your door, or grandmada, sister, auntie, me.... :-)

 Bill hung up my new shelf we picked up at the Christmas Tree Shop in NY!

We had a baby shower for my friend Becky!

We kicked off Gabe's birthday weekend with going to see the Smurf's!

We celebrated Gabe's birthday on the 31st by going to Chuck E Cheese's.  
We also gave him a "ticket" to Colorado to go visit his good friends!  

For our Colorado trip we decided to make our friends some Oreo Pops!  
Chocolate Covered Oreo's

Cute Assistants
Double Stuff Oreos
Lollipop Sticks
Melting Chocolate (I prefer 1/2 milk & 1/2 semi sweet)
Wax Paper
Cookie Sheet

Melt the chocolate on the stove or in the microwave.  Once melted I would dip the stick in the melted chocolate and then stick into the oreo and place in the fridge for about 5 minutes.  This will hold the cookie onto the stick better-we've done it both ways now.

Once cooled remove cookies and dip into melted chocolate and lay flat on a wax paper lined cookie sheet.  Once finished dipping, place in the fridge to harden.  Optional: Add sprinkles, white chocolate drizzles...etc. before putting in the fridge to cool.  Once harden remove from tray & put in a plastic storage bag or container.  They are SOOO YUMMY!  A big hit!

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