Sunday, August 14, 2011

New York Vacation Part 3

Okay y'all my mission today is to finish uploading vacation pictures.  We have had 3 parties this weekend and I have so many other fun things to share with you.  So my goal for today is to get all caught up-hopefully!

My kids got to take one of their first rides on the T into downtown Boston to head to Quincy Market.  Along with Bill's brother's family, my mom & dad & Bill's dad.
We landed here for a few hours....

After a little confusion we finally settled at Build A Bear to create our very first bears!  How fun!  I see $$$$ since our visit we have purchased shoes, roller skates & a kennel.  (Thanks Uncle Chris & Aunt Linda for the GC)
Gabe created: Toby and Lily created: Pink

Bill & his brother went to the Samuel Adams brewery to go on the tour while we hung out in Quincy Market.  Once they returned we all headed to the aquarium.  It was so busy in there!  The busiest I have ever seen it.  But it was a lot of fun seeing all the fish, seahorses, jelly fish!  We even got to hold some starfish, hermit crabs, snails, and touch little sting rays!

We topped off our day in Boston with an eventful time to Dick's restaurant.  Let's just say it was VERY eventful!
Didn't you know Bill shaves his butt?  

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