Friday, May 28, 2010

Kindergarten Registration

Yes, I said it Kindergarten registration. Seriously, school every single day next year? 8:00-3:45 plus after school programs. Where did my baby go? I just can't even believe it. We went last night and toured the Pease Magnet School where Gabe will be attending next year. It was very over-whelming for me. We were running late so we missed a bunch of the information and then they had a time where you could go tour the kindergarten classrooms. We stayed behind so we could get him registered so we missed a bunch of the Q & A time but we got the gist of it all. They would deter a lot of questions to when they have the Meet the Teacher night in August so it wasn't a big deal. They have 3 monolingual classrooms and 1 bilingual classroom. They use smart boards. They have fabulous after school programs that are all free that we can take part in. Once they leave in 6th grade they will know enough Spanish to get credits for it in Jr. High. I think it made Gabe excited for next year and I am excited to be involved with his school. I am super excited that The Hicks Family will also be attending there so we can have a little familiarity. The only bad thing is that it is on the other side of town so it will be a haul each day. I am sure we will adjust and get used to it.

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