Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Recent Projects

So along with everything else going on lately I have been working on some projects like refinishing a boring white cabinet we had, some curtains, and getting our garden up and running.

This is what the shell looks like. I am still working on the drawers and will post pics when I get them all done.

My Dad and I have been working hard on getting our garden up and growing. Since we had our house on the market we waited and waited to put in a raised bed at our house so we decided to just do it at their house. I started all the seeds at the house and then we brought them all over and planted them at his house. When we had that awful rain storm a few weeks ago it ruined some of my plants so we had to pretty much start over. Our goal of one raised bed has now turned into three. :-) Hopefully we will have lots of veggies to freeze! I am so excited about it. Here are some pictures of what we have so far.

I also have been sewing some curtains for my mom's dining room/kitchen as well as Lily's room but I only have pictures of the kitchen/dingin area.

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