Monday, June 7, 2010

First Road Trip Details

I tossed and turned all night since Bill was already gone and I finally dragged myself out of bed at 6:15 to get my devotions in before we leave, have some coffee, and hopefully get the car ready to go before the kids get up. This is how it has gone down so far...

Gabe got up, had his milk & cartoon time, got dressed and was ready to go
Lily took a little longer, finally got up, got dressed and was ready to go
Gea showed up, Poppie checked my fluids
I programmed the TomTom in 2 minutes, then another 10 to put the mount back together & get it stuck on the window
First turn out of the driveway...I was already heading in the wrong direction.
Left at 7:45....hoping to be on the road by 7.
30 minutes in & Gabe was already asking if we were almost there yet.
Snacked on some fresh fruit Gea packed which was a big hit.
Stopped at Jack In The Box after 2 hours in to take a potty break, grab some coffee & a snack
Gabe came to the conclusion that Lily has curls in her hair because she ate curly fries
Had some candy...Lily begged for more.
We jammed out to some Latino music, dancing like no one was watching, and pointing, and
laughing. ;-)
Gabe asked some more if we were there yet. Lily begged for more candy!
Had a detour
I almost had a panic attack as to why my car wasn't working come to the conclusion that my mom accidentally shifted my gears into neutral.
Drove next to K-rails, drove slow in the fast lane, hesitated to pass the big truckers...more than once.
Gabe asked some more if we were there yet. Lily begged for more candy!
Stopped once more for a quick potty break.
Drove in traffic.
Finally made it to Rockwall...then got a little lost on our way to Lacy's house...but we finally made it.

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