Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday Dallas Adventures

I kicked off my morning with Day 1 of my Beth Moore bible study that I will be journeying through this summer with a group of ladies from Stonegate. I am super excited about it and what God is going to teach me through it.

I came downstairs from my shower to find that Gabe already had some milk, cinnamon rolls were made, Gage had pancakes, Lily some lucky charms and Gabe's cinnamon sugar toast was being buttered as I walked through the kitchen. All by an 11 year old girl! I need to get me one of them, lol! It was so nice. Not only did she take time to get all the kids breakfast but she then cleaned up from it too. I was impressed.

We then all got ready, loaded everyone up in the car, including Autumn and took off to the Dallas Children's Museum of Nature & Science It was so much fun! We got to meet up with Lacy's sister-in-law Jen and her sweet little kids. It was so nice to finally meet her. We got to explore everything from the earth and the human body to digging for dinosaur bones and splashing around on the water table. It was so much fun! I can't wait to get home and upload all of our pictures from it.

We then came home to have some lunch and take a little break. We got a little rested up, threw on our swimsuits and took off to Surf & Swim Gabe & Gage swam so much. It was a blast! They had a great little splash area for Lily with these little jumpers like you would hang in a door way but they were in the fun! They also had lots of things that squirted water, shot water, sprayed fun fun! I think she loved the little toys she could climb on and rock back & fourth and then she would slide back down like it was a slide. She did that like 25 times before someone came along and stole it from her, lol. Gabe was so brave swimming in the deep end with his life vest on. Gage too. I was shocked. They would of gone all the way except that I couldn't reach...I was holding their little adventure back, ha! It was so much fun.

Around 5 we came home to dinner being all ready by Mr. James. We ate and hung out for the rest of the night. I did finally convince myself to get on the treadmill and get a run in before the night was over though! I am so glad I did.

Well, we are off to go shopping today. I am sure I wont have as much exciting stuff to share about this day tomorrow. :-) We shall see!

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