Thursday, June 3, 2010

Loving Me Some Jennie-O

Here is a recipe we are going to have for dinner tonight. We tried out the Jennie-O Italian turkey sausage a couple weeks ago and loved it. I am not a big sausage eater but I loved this one. So, tonight instead of the traditional sausage and peppers on a hoagie I am going to do kabobs. I saw the idea in a magazine recently but I am just going to keep it a little more simple.

1 Package of jennie-o turkey italian sausage
1 onion
1 red & green bell pepper
wooden or metal skewers

I slice the peppers & onions up and thread them onto the skewer alternating them with the meat. Throw them on the grill until they are done & voila...serve with a side dish and dinner is served!

I also tried the Jennie-O turkey burgers and they were amazing too. They were very flavorful...just don't over cook them because they aren't very good dry and they don't take long to cook.

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