Monday, August 23, 2010

The Big Day

The big day can mean so many things...the day you go to the prom...graduate high a new job...your wedding day...the day your son or daughter was brought into this world.  But today, our big day was waking Gabe up at 6:53 this morning to step into one of his big days ever...kindergarten!  As we woke him up this morning, he rolled over protesting his first day of kindergarten!  Just hours before (1:05 am) he was half dressed stand bedside asking where his shorts were because he was getting dressed for school.  I groggily glanced at the clock and told him to hop into bed it was still night time.  What had happened while he slept just a few short hours?

He finally got up being coerced into a competition to beat dad who had to shower & get dressed while he just got dressed with my help.  So, we raced into his bedroom slipped on his bright orange polo, his khaki shorts, brown belt, and combed his hair.  We came out to the kitchen to eat some pancakes for breakfast.  The frozen kind...seriously who has time to cook before school?  The new year brought on new rules like no TV in the morning until he is dressed and had breakfast.  So, he ate while watching cartoons I already broke the rules.  It was his first day give me a break and it was going to be a tough one!  So, the grandparents all arrived promptly around 7 am to wish Gabe luck on his big day!

While snapping pictures (the grandparents) Gabe ate his breakfast and I packed the lunch of his choice!  He requested spaghetti-o's in his "fermos" (I hope they stayed hot) a banana, cantaloupe and orange juice!  Done!  Time to bore the kid with unending pictures outside by 3 different photographers!  So, we (Gabe, Daddy & I) piled into the car and ventured off to reality on his big day!

Bill of course took the scenic route to the school so we were all heated literally and figuratively because I have little ac in my car!  Upon arriving at the packed roads of the school I told Bill just park!  So, we finally parked at 7:57...ahhh 3 minutes to spare!  We hauled ourselves into the school with Gabe dragging behind to get to the classroom at 8 to realize they had not come down yet from the cafeteria.  So, off we went to the cafeteria to meet up with Mrs. Putnam and his classmates.  He found a seat at the table, we put some money in his lunch account, and waited...okay so I kept taking pictures.

Mrs. Putnam finally lined the kids up and lead them down to her classroom.  You could see Gabe go from being a little nervous to like fidgeting like none other.  Once getting over the threshold he clammed up and wouldn't move.  So Bill & I kind of coerced him into the classroom trying to avoid a scene.  We got the the table, he wouldn't sit down & play with the blocks that were left out so Bill leaned over and prayed with him quietly and he finally sat down.  I snapped a few more pictures.  Once we got all of our announcements, instructions...etc. we gave our hugs and said goodbye.  Well, he started to cry!  Up to this point I had held myself together quite well.  Well, it was over...I lost it!  I turned and walked away and let Bill deal with him.  I didn't want to make the situation worse!  Bill finally left and met me in the hall where we were all instructed to go to the library for a meeting, Tears & Cheers!  We had our little meeting, signed up for PTA, and departed!

We dropped Heidi off to the groomers then we made it home where my mom kept Lily so we didn't have to drag her along this morning.  We took a quick trip to hobby lobby.  Today I recovered a cushion on a chair while Lily played her harmonica, put some new hardware on my little desk, put in some flowerbed edger in the alley way, watered my garden & flowers, made lunch for Lily & I, snuggled Lily while watching yo gabba gabba, watched the movie Motherhood, cleaned my living room...time to go get Heidi and almost time to pick Gabe up from school!  I can't wait to see how his first day went!  I'll keep you posted and let you know how it went!

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