Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kindergarten Update

Might I add that after we got home from dropping Gabe off the first day Bill got a speeding ticket on his way to work!  augh!

I anxiously arrived at the school like 30 minutes early to pick him up and once I got there Lily was antsy in the hot car so I took a spin down the street to get us a sweet tea while we waited for him.  That took up about 20 minutes in line at the drive through to accomplish.  augh!  By the time I got back to the school the pick-up lane was filling up.  Unsure as to what or where I was really going just followed all the other sheep I mean cars and got into a line.  Well, I waited and waited and slowly inched my way around the corner until it was finally my turn to put down my window and announce to the lady taking names that I was there to pick up Gabe Yuhasz!  I expected him to be running to the car, like he was anxiously anticipating my arrival like I was his and then he turned the corner and practically crawled to the car.  Seriously?  As I continued to coax him over and over again to hurry up and get into the car...other kids wanted to go home...moms want to get their kids...he finally made it!  He opened the door and said in such a tired, worn out was a lot of work!  I felt so bad!

So, I then proceeded to drill him with questions as we made our way home as to what he did...what friends he made....if his teacher was nice.  Most to which his response was I don't know.  I did finally get out of him that they talked about the color yellow and the letter Y.  Slightly disappointed that he wasn't overfilled with joy, excitement, and stories from his first day we let him pick whatever he wanted to have for dinner.  He chose to have taco's from taco bell!  Then all of a sudden Lily started coughing in the car...remember she just drank 3/4 of her sweet tea.  She continued to cough on I think some mucus from her chest that she coughed up...couldn't swallow it because she kept coughing and threw up all over herself on the way home from school.  GREAT!  So, we pull into the driveway...I get Gabe into the house...get Lily into the house...disappointed Gabe wasn't happy but completely worn out!  I got Lily cleaned up and Bill made the taco run...had cleaned up...relaxed a little & went to bed!

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