Friday, November 5, 2010

It Happened to Me!!!

The past couple days it has been windy around here and Lily left eye has been a little gunky from her allergies.  We gave her a little allergy medicine and it seems to help.  I promised Gabe this week that I would do lunch with him at school one day and I have put it off each and every day so today being Friday was going to be the day!  Well, Lily woke up not feeling the best.  She had a low grade fever (from her allergies I think) so I gave her better medicine...Zyrtec and some Motrin to help with her fever.

The mornings have gotten colder here and today was only like 36 degrees out...freezing!  Poor Gabe only has 2 pairs of pants for school and so he would wear one & I would wash one and this has been working because he would wear shorts too so if I didn't get the other pair washed it was no big deal he would wear shorts!  Well, he has had to wear pants every day this week so the task of doing laundry every day was a must so he could have those pants to wear!  I told Bill I was going to go to Target today and get more pants because this was ridiculous, ha!  So, I gave Lily a bath, who already didn't feel the best, and took her out to Target to get Gabe more pants for school.  We did our shopping & were getting ready to leave & I remembered I had to grab one more thing.  Well, I went to turn down the aisle and an older lady was taking the whole aisle up & you could just tell it would be awhile before you would make it to the other end.  So, I turned the cart and my worst nightmare came true!  Lily fell out of the back of the cart!  She rarely sits in the way back but she wasn't feel very well so I agreed to it.  We were almost done so by this time I have asked her over and over again to sit down and have finally given up.  There she was laying on her back on the floor crying so I scooped her up & held her tightly.   As everyone gawked in shock I just kept telling her it was okay and how sorry I was and the audience finally dissipated.  I made my way back to get my TP...I didn't care about the deals or the bargain I just grabbed my 1000 sheets and got out of the store!  She just rested her sweet little head on my chest as we checked out like she was just defeated.  I felt so terrible.

We made it to McDonalds and grabbed Gabe his lunch of choice and we went to school & ate with him.  As soon as we got to the car she fell asleep!  Bless her little heart!


Down Home Simplicity said...

Aww, I am so sorry about your morning. Your not alone today! :) We woke up in a beautifully UGLY mood and have been struggling ever since! I hate bad days! I hope it only gets better for you :)

falecia said...

Ouch! Destinie had to learn the hard way too. Im sorry it happened when she was already feeling yucky.