Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seriously God?

As you can read in my previous post we are getting our new washer & dryers this week which I cannot WAIT for!  Each load I do our washer leaks more and more.  I am waiting for the big bust all through our house...but hey a girls gotta do laundry!

We have had our furniture for 5 years now.  We were so excited to have our first sectional.  It was so good to us!  It could seat a lot of people...the corner spot was the best!  It has been spilt on, puked on, peed on, and let's be honest farted on!  It was good to us.  We so desperately wanted new furniture but would never buy any right now with 2 kids.  Not to mention our big purchase we just made.  Not to spiritualize everything but our prayers for this year were to get a washer/dryer, furniture, and a convertible van.  (yes I said it a van...but more on the van later)  January is not even over with yet & God has met our needs in unbelievable ways!  Things we put on the back burner because it wasn't that big of a deal but then God takes something so trivial & small & reminds us how valuable & important we are to him in the small stuff.  Our wonderful & faithful microfiber sectional with it's broken springs and all its stains is finally gone!

A wonderful family from church got new furniture & was looking for a home for their old stuff.  Well, what's one mans trash is another mans treasure!  What a treasure it is!  This is some sturdy, whimsical, fabulous furniture that God blessed us with!  (even the dogs think so)  They gave us a nice comfy couch & chaise.  We no longer fall into the "broken spring" hole.  I have a new reading area in the morning for my devotional time that I love!

Isn't it fun?  Much better than the stains & brokenness of the old couch!  Our God is good.  

You are entirely faithful!  Psalm 89:8


The Schumachers said...

This is great!! He is our great provider!

danielle @ take heart said...

wonderful, sarah! God is so good!