Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We woke up to this...

Gabe has been waiting ALL winter for it to snow!  It FINALLY did!  The sad part was he still had school but it's suppose to stay cold for a couple days so hopefully it will last until he gets home so he can play in it.  The whole inch (being generous) that it is, haha!  We snuck a little playing in before school! (good thing we kept that scraper)
 Lily wasn't too sure about it all.  That's about as close as she got.
 Until Gabe tried to touch her hand with it & well she lost it!  She wanted to go back inside!  She wanted nothing to do with the white stuff!  She wouldn't even touch it!

It's so amazing how a little snow stirs up such excitement & joy (well except maybe for Lily)!  Our God is so good!

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