Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm On a Roll

I told you I was on a mission and apparently today I am quite driven to clean & organize.  (less work for tomorrow)  I decided to tackle our kids' craft closet.  This space is just for them!  It's for their crafts, games, playdoh, moon sand, aqua sand...all that stuff you really don't want in there bedrooms!  Ours has slowly been coming apart since Christmas.  And well tis the season for spring cleaning!

I'm sad to say that I purged a whole trash bag of stuff along with a box of stuff.  Old coloring books, paper, mostly used up stickers, already twisted pipe cleaners.  :-)  STUFF!

I love when the closet looks this good!  Gabe can easily access his craft box freely and Lily can dig into those coloring books & stickers whenever she wants!  I love to watch my kids have the freedom to create!  Do you have a craft box for your kids??  If so what do you have in it??  This is what's in ours!

Gabe's Craft Box
pipe cleaners
googly eyes
tp rolls
stamps & stamp pads
wood scraps
glitter glue

I also love to have bags of activities that are self led that they can do whenever they want to.  Stencils, blow-pens, dotza markers, pixo's, sun-catchers...etc.  I also like to have paint shirts easily accessible so that they don't ruin their clothes when doing art projects!

Now that all of our games are back in order I think we might just have to have a family game night soon!

I'm a mom on a room...or a time!  :-)  Hope y'all have a blessed Friday!

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