Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

We kicked off our fabulous weekend celebrating all of Gabe's hard work and accomplishment when he received his yellow belt at Tae Kwon Do!

Then Friday night we had a date night planned.  Yes a date night!  They don't happen very often but we are quite intentional about doing them as much as possible.  A good way to keep us accountable is our split membership with Jake & Jess to the local community theater!  We went to their beautiful home for dinner, amazing ribs & chicken!  (craved them all weekend)  Then off to to the theater!

Saturday morning we had the farmer's market and once again I didn't get any pictures.  Not because I forgot my camera but because it was so windy I was trying to keep my paper goods from blowing away.  But my fabulous husband watched my booth so I could bring the kids down to the YMCA for their kids day & sign us up!

I spent my entire Saturday cleaning & organizing my house...more pictures to come later with all that!  But I couldn't wait to show y'all my new stools.  Well, they are not new new I just redid them & they are super fabulous now!  I love them!

aren't they so cute??

Amidst all of our cleaning, purging, and organizing, Lily thought it would be a good weekend to start tee teeing on the potty, what?  seriously?  now?  Let me tell you has been amazing!  She's just doing it.  She's so independent.  I'm so proud of her!  We always fret over the whole potty training thing (I did more with Gabe than Lily) but when they are ready to do it they will and it is stress free!

We figured since she was using the potty it was time to convert the crib.  Yes, I said it, convert the crib into a bed.  It has been a little emotional.  We are done with the crib...for good.  Kind of bittersweet!

But she absolutely LOVES her "big girl" bed.  She has to get in and out all by herself.  I love it!

All day Saturday our poor community battled fires.  One huge fire claiming 40 structures and more than 16,000 acres.  The smoke seemed like it was so close.  This was out our front door over our neighbor's house.

So scary.  To think of the few things we would grab if evacuated.  The rest is quite meaningless.

We wrapped up our weekend with a trip to the Y for the family swim!  We will put our new membership to good work!

Hope y'all had a great weekend too!  Blessings!

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