Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of 1st Grade

Today we went back to school and entered the first grade!  I can't even believe summer is done and over with!  Gabe did such a great job getting up this morning, taking on all of his new responsibilities and schedule.  He did a great job!  We shall see how day #2 goes.  

He rocked his Super Mario backpack, lunchbox & pencil bag!  He even thought about his teacher and brought her a water bottle with a "P" on it for the first day of school.  He was so excited to get to his class...always a little apprehensive to have me leave though.  I waited a little while until he got settled.

He was so excited about his new DESK this year.  He went right in like a pro and hung his backpack up & his lunch box and learned where his cubbie was.  We found his desk, put on his name tag & said hi to all his old friends from Kindergarten!
I was so proud of Gabe this morning and I didn't even cry!  This year was much smoother & easier than last year.  Gabe's teacher seems so sweet!  I'm looking forward to a great year!  


Lisa said...

That's awesome, WTG Gabe! This year was much easier for all of us as well!!!

ann said...

thinking back to last year, i'm sooo glad for you both that it seems to be much smoother!! :)

crystal said...

he looks like such a big kid. here is to hoping this year is so much better for you guys!