Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No Greater Joy

As a parent our children bring us joy all the time. Simply watching them play brings me joy. One of my new favorite things is to see Lily snuggling with Bill or laughing & loving on Gabe...such joy. Gabe has been going to VBS this week at First United Methodist Church which has an amazing campus I might add....very beautiful...but also very confusing to get around. He came home from the first day of VBS and told me the entire story of Paul in prison which is found in Acts 16....not just that they talked about a guy in jail. He told me the details of them singing songs, their handcuffs falling off, the earth shaking...he really got the story. Today it was Noah and he told me all about it. It has brought about such great "car talk." We went through the whole holy trinity today...several times! My heart overflowed with joy. My almost 5 year old is grasping God's word. I beg God that Gabe would come to know Him at an early age. I plead for Lily's heart to be captured by our One True Love and that God would protect her from the enemy. For now my heart is over-joyed with Gabe's knowledge of His word & listening to the melodies he sings to our King even though he doesn't fully grasp the love of God. Praise Him!!!

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