Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday & Thursday Dallas Adventures


We took off early in the morning to go out shopping. We headed out on I-30 to see what was around and we ventured out to the Goodwill and scored some great things. We decided to drive down I-30 to see what was around to find our self getting closer to the city so we turned around and then headed back towards River Rd. We detoured off Motley Dr. and somehow got our self twisted around and we headed back to Fair Park for a second time. Ugh! I drove in pouring down rain, on the interstate, with traffic! We made a quick stop to Sports Authority to see if I could find a swim vest for Gabe but we had no luck. So, we kept on going...I think we spent half the day driving and the other half of the day shopping. After much driving & looking we finally found The Children's Place where we found some great deals on kids clothes. I sure wish Midland had one. You can't beat 3.75 for shorts! It is one of my favorite stores for kids. We grabbed a late lunch at Steak 'N' Shake and got 1/2 price shakes. It was so yummy! I ventured outside by box and got the BBQ Burger & it was delish! I also had a carmel turtle shake...yummy! After lunch we found TJ Maxx....wish we had one of those too.

Then we went back to the William's house and my mom and I went to Firewall to top off the night with a little more shopping. We went to World Market! So much fun! We could of shopped their all day but we just stayed a little while, grabbed some popcorn and headed home.


We hit up McDonalds for breakfast on our way to the Dallas Zoo. We ventured through the zoo all morning into the early afternoon. Gabe was kind of clumsy there today. He fell 3 times and once before we left the house and he dropped 2 souvenir cups and blew out the bottoms to them. Thank goodness they were kind enough to replace them for us both times. They were such a great deal because we could get free refills all day with them. I think my favorite part was the baby chimpanzee. It was just so cute and it tumbled and rolled all over the place...adorable! We got to explore everythng! It was a lot of fun but it was super humid which made it tiring by the afternoon. So we came home, had some lunch, relaxed a bit and then played in the pool for 1.5 hours! Lily is fearless when it comes to the pool! She doesn't want any help and would do it all by herself if her legs were just long enough! Gabe is like a fish...when we gets a vest on he is just swimming all over the place! I am so glad my kids love the water!

Over all we had a great day! Getting ready to relax and hang out for the evening before our long drive home in the morning.

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