Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hot Spot

So one my moms co-workers told her of this hot spot, Imperial Reservoir, outside of Monahans.  Maybe it is not known of or maybe it is just a hot spot to us "yankees"...I don't know but we loved it!  So what if it was a little run down, who cares it served it's purpose.  :-)  We had a blast splashing around in the lake all day, building sand castles, and best of all having the beach to ourselves!  Yep, that's what I said...no one else was there!  Pure craziness I tell you!  It was wonderful!

It's just a little over an hour outside of Midland (once we figured out how to get on blue 20 & not green 20 :-)) You just pass right by Monahans and go to Grandfalls and it's right there!  It was our little hidden treasure we found today and are already making plans on when we will be going back again!

Check out some of our pics!

Can you even believe this gem is just a little over an hour away?!?!  I am off to get some stuff done and get the aloe out for Gabe's face!  :-)


swamerican said...

wow! I can't believe the place was all empty, nothing like the crowded beaches here. nice!

engineers4ever said...

I can't belive how big those kids are getting.What are you feeding them?

Marina said...

So, I grew up in Monahans and have NEVER been to there! I knew about it, but just never made it...CRAZY!